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A Thread like no other.
This thread will be one of complaints and love. When you get up in the morning and think about how dreary your day will be then post something that bothers you about people or even about this forum.  I am posting my main complaint right now.  The moderators I love for having a forum for us but I do not respect them being completely out of the picture and never showing their postings or thoughts. They are like Queens or Kings sitting there ruling.. Also this way that the forum has to read everybody who posted saying:  And Priscella said this and its in a small box and then the next one and Finished says this and its in a small square box as well.  Gosh I can not even see the dividing lines to all of this---------thinking this is unneeded because it confuses the crap out of me and every post has a date and people could just scroll through and find the last few postings. So good people if you want to get things "out of your system" this is the thread for you..We all use good judgement with manners so lets go at it...Thanks Priscella.
The mods post on this forum. Not as much as they used to, but they are busy.
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Thank you The Real Callie for you are the first poster...In my view there is absolutely no excuse with being busy for 24 hours a day. Since I have been here people have signed up and very few have greeted them to and its really the job of the moderators to welcome them as well as our group as a group effort. That's just how I see it. Starting this forum there must have been some reason on why they started a lonely forum for people and if they were that involved with all the work involved in starting it many years ago I do not see no reason why they cannot say "Hi" once in awhile. To me if you are going through all that work to get a forum I think you should stay at it through thick and thin...Bye the way your posting have been very very well thought out and nice..Thanks # 1 poster..priscella
I would say it's a group effort to welcome new people. Minus often welcomes people and he's a moderator. As for others, the forum isn't nearly as busy as it used to be, so new people won't get as many posts as they once did.
I know in the past, a lot of people wouldn't post in the welcome section because they didn't know what to say, so that's also a contributing factor. I don't always get to the welcome section myself.
Also, the mods here aren't the ones who started this forum. There have been many mods since this forum started. This forum is actually a spinoff of a thread from another forum. Here's an article that talks about the thread and how this forum was created.
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Thank you TheRealCallie and that information was terrific and to tell you the truth I have already read that and it put me on to a forum that was nothing but Pornography so I have been at that link------terrible. If people want to belong to forums like that it is absolutely their choice and I see no qualms to people having freedom of choice but there is a difference here and this is when they latch on to another type of forum involving lonely people why cannot they stand on their own two feet of a forum and do it on their own from scratch instead of truncating on to another forum unless they are doing it to make fun of lonely people.
Yes since that early forum started the world and generations have changed a whole lot especially having facebook and twitter and assorted other social medias come into play..Through no fault of our own we have become alienated from the whole society and there is no quick pill to solve that problem. But we can do the best that we can to remain honest within "our own comfortable rules of engagement", and in time people might on forums learn to trust in their fellow forum members and maybe even make friends with them through e-mails or something--even hand written post cards if they so desire. Something that they can be comfortable with as time goes by...I really appreciate the knowledge of this forum that you presented to me for it gives my thinking a whole new
this could be Awesome or Not and it depends on how people look at lol This thread is just beginning so lets see where it winds up..Thanks forum friend  From priscella..

I came across this hoping I can get it on here:
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=5104343]

Ha! ha!
[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
Yea I see this is going to be quite a thread. lol lol... You are in the woods too long and you have such a attitude----lol lol  
Thanks for all the humor on this fine morning and most likely we all need this right now...Thanks  priscella
Listen to some of the depressing items today: Murder Hornets, Shark killings, Strange Seeds, Congress representative giving campaign money to husband--Omar..She hates America.., corona virus, mailed ballot fraud, Riots across the nation, Business and schools remain shut down, police defunded and budget cut in half, now a hurricane come towards the east coast....Oh such a lovely day for us to be happy about so lets all eat something good and listen to the music..or play our video games to just pass the time...Stay safe everyone--stay safe.....priscella..
Okay, you have many years of experience. In your opinion, do these times suck a lot more then they did say thirty years ago? Sure there are lots of shiny new trinkets that only seem to last one day longer then the insignificant warranty. We just keep buying new crap to make us feel better.

But, it seems to me that people are more angry, depressed, and frustrated then in the past. Are we all spoiled now? Are things to easy? Our lives seem less meaningful. There doesn't seem to be any reward in working and living nowadays. Sure people get a paycheck. But, that doesn't really do anything. It just keeps people afloat. Do we need a severe event to appreciate being alive and relatively healthy?

So, many groups are complaining about this or that. Everybody is a victim nowadays. Was it like that in the past. But it's just more in our faces now?
[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
That's a really interesting question and not so cut and dry to answer but you already know this but I will try from my perspective--ugh---hard answering here.. First of all I have to say that I am a pessimist, and with my answer one needs to remember this..I think that our world has been here many times before and we get to a certain point and that's the end of it and we start over.  We are moving forward and the only way we could save our world is to leave it or :move our planet"..--not too many options here in my opinion...Now get you none of this I write is true just what I believe so lets not jump off the cliff right yet---lol lol.. I think society falls like everything else falls and this goes for our world too..Your born and young and middle age and old age then you kick the bucket.. The planet I think is the same way. I think we are at the old age stage veering into a new thinking which is AI...This AI will bring us forward but at the same token humans as we know them will go extinct so all this worry about past and present and future will not matter anyway..Was life back then better or worse or is now better than it was and does it show improvements----yes no and no yes---I do not know.. So I answered the best way that I could for now..Now if you want me to write a book about all of this I will for it would have many, many, many chapters in order to get lol...Thanks for the posting...priscella..

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