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A life so serious
^ Yep! I used to be part of the freeware community. A bunch of programmers would collaborate on things that interested people. The product as well as the source code was freely shared. Others would then improve on it. It was great. The end products worked really well. Then people started hoarding the projects. Then they became shareware. Then they became products to only be sold. Now a lot of the software is crap and doesn't work properly because very few people are working on it with different platforms.

BTW, my Sprint 3G service, until they cancelled it without notice, was faster then the 4G LTE that I now have. Real 4G is fast but it was expensive to implement. So, instead, 4G LTE was creasted. But, the speed can be really slow. The providers quotes speeds up to. Not down to. And they don't quote minimum average speeds. They created a ranking system. So, some people get fast 4G LTE and some get nearly useless 4G. But, pay less. The service providers wont talk about that unless you really pressure them.

Everything is a damn fraud now.
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I'm so exhausted I can't even add to any of all that; but, I agree, and think it all sucks too!!! lol

If any of you haven't seen the movie, 'Idiocracy,' I highly suggest you check it out; you will get a laugh and feel vindicated... :p As for me, I first saw it over a decade ago, and that makes me sad. I will be spending the rest of the night tending to my sadness...
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard inner battle.
Namu Amida Butsu.

^ Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think I've seen it.

I've been trying to pull money out of my retirement account for over four months. I've done all the steps needed several times. But, they keep emailing me, "Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time." So, I keep calling. Every time I have to give them all my private information to verify it's me. One time they miss understood what I said and locked me account. Then they sent me an ID verification from in the mail. WTF! I called again and that person verified all my information again and said it was not needed. That person suggested I set up a personal phone security information so I don't have to go through the entire verification process every time. I did that and was relieved. However, all that did was add an additional step after asking all the other ID verification steps. Unbelievable!

Every time I call the person on the line says, "You submitted everything we need. I'll send it to processing again." I asked if I needed to take them to court in order to get my money. They are acting like they are broke. It definitely seems like they are hiding something. I'm about ready to go down to the office and take out my decades of frustrations on them. Oh wait. Nobodies in the office any more. How nice. What a great system.
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