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my webcam is my only lover
are you banned. will you be back?
anyway i'll write this just to show you you're not alone. many a time, i think, and i don't know, maybe i will do it.
i think it would be better to be a prostitute because there is no chance at love for me. i can just lay there and be use for pleasure, without even talking because nobody can understand my accent anyway. i think actually talking is prohibited or is not a requirement when you re a prostitute. i had one man fell in love with me and it did not last. now i am gaining weight because i lose hope and therefore becoming even more repulsive to this world. it would be the only i myself would get some action anyway. i am just this fat person with a pretty face. i am not that intelligent either who would like me if they see me. i don't want to be ungrateful to people who pays attention to me. i just enjoy it talking to people especially here cause they don't get to see me.

yeah its really just suicide or prostitution, only two things i think about.
its a taste, doesn't have to be good or bad.
hold on to the ones who loves you, they don't come around often....

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