Do you have any experience with WhatsApp?

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I have.
But I prefer Telegram, I think it's more safe and comfortable.
The messenger?
I've only used it once or twice and well over 2 years ago.
There's dozens of messengers.
You're welcome.

Do you mean a list of possible groups you can join? Have never heared about it, I guess there is no(though they are starting smth with the groups, I'm not sure what exactly).
If you get a link you can join a group by it, maybe there is a list somewhere, I don't know. BUT! As far, as I know, everyone will see your phone number as there is no option to hide your phone number in WhatsApp. I can see all the numbers of members in every group I've joined, so I would suggest not to join a group there untill you know it's save.
Having an international phone number and system that doesn't work half the time, I can attest to using What'sApp and Skype extensively as my primary form of communication beyond email. I use both frequently for free messaging and face to face chats and have found them to be mostly reliable and completey invaluable. I find the older generation (like me) tends to favor Skype while the newer generation favors WhatsApp. And, I find certain countries favoring one over the other. After 7 years of use, both play a key role in my life. To think, having free video calls to anyone in the world is an incredible deal in life. The toughest part is finding friends that want to share in the experience.

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