Do you like short animated films?

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Sep 2, 2022
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I usually dont like movies or series, but shorts can be fun to watch, and with animation it is possible to tell any kind of story without physical limitations.
This has been one of my favorite ones, or maybe my favorite, since I saw it. I think given the topic of this forum, maybe more people here can relate to it.

If you have a favorite one share it here with me.
don't mind me I am just learning new interests, keep sharing friend.

Feedback: the short was interesting, not many people I have met on here share things like this so it is refreshing to find some new material I have never thought of before that others may enjoy It helps me to understand others thank you for sharing.
don't get discouraged, they don't seem to like a lot of things sometimes and that's ok Like I have many threads that go over information ppl don't like it or music or thinking etc. The important thing is it meant something to you, and you shared, and I listened so it's never a waste.

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