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Apr 29, 2014
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Hi guys just want to try a new game.

Try to think of something that you have done but others haven't. It can be an unusual life style or personal experience or embarrassing moments (if you want). You may also put extra details. The next person answers it and post his or her own :)

Here's mine:

Have you ever eaten chicken with ice cream?
Nooooo.... I use a knife and fork to eat chicken, ice cream makes a lously implement! :p

Have you ever dropped your glasses from the upper floor of a nightclub to the dancefloor below... and recovered them! :)
Only in a novel... ;)

Have you ever been chased by the police? (I have :p)
No but I chased an ambulance once (when I was MUCH younger)only to realize it was going to the hospital.

Have you ever used Ceasar salad dressing instead of Alfredo Sauce on your pasta?
I've never used either.

Have you ever taken part in a competition where you and a friend take turns punching each other in the stomach until one of you collapses?
What kind of competition is that? No..

Have you ever lived by the rules of the dice? I use it everyday to determine what I eat, what I wear, and basically almost everything( except for important decisions of course) it's fun to not know what you're getting :)
No. . . But I hope you have a larger ratio of good odds! ;)

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator all by yourself for over an hour?
No, but i want to. Researched it alot recently.

Have you ever thrown up at work?
No, but I just did so in a public restroom earlier today.

Have you ever walked into a pole before?
ladyforsaken said:
No, but I just did so in a public restroom earlier today.

Have you ever walked into a pole before?

Nope. But I've had my fair shares of walking into walls and doors.

Have you ever prank called someone?

Have you ever accidentally grabbed a stranger's hand when you were a kid? I was holding my dad's hand and the next time I look I was holding a stranger's hand :(
Yep, i also thought that this man was my dad. Some theme park on a vacation long ago.

Have you ever eaten a squid?
I have not... and this time I do NOT want your leftovers.

Have you ever been thrown back in a cell after being judged too intoxicated to interview?
No, but I was on the passenger's seat, with this crazy guy driving it at night on the hills

Have you ever walked to the end of a rainbow to look for the pot of gold?

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