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I didn't enjoy my time at school very much and the lesson I hated most was Latin, what the fresia use is a dead language? when will I ever need it?

Medice, cura te ipsum

I began to get a feeling... of being the only sane man in a nut house. It doesn't make you feel superior but depressed and scared, because there is no one you can contact.
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I didn't enjoy my time at school very much and the lesson I hated most was Latin, what the fresia use is a dead language? when will I ever need it?

Medice, cura te ipsum
LOLOL.... I took a year of Latin and a year of Spanish in high school. Spanish in college. Latin has always helped me with root words, etc. Also, if you're in medicine, it is SOOPER helpful!
no, its not rarity I value, but a Good Friendship...does the head of a law firm allow anyone to be the managing partner?

consider it the voice of someone shouting in the desert.
I understand where you are coming from. I get people contact me asking me to employ them as one of my very well paid staff, they say I am perfect for this job, but have nothing at all to offer, no skills, no qualifications, no experience, they simply want to hang onto my shirt tails and take my money and give me nothing but lies and promises in return. There are lots of people out there who are far better able to do those jobs and worth the money but they do not care about that, only them.

The same thing can happen with a friendship. I've met people who have no personality, no brains, no knowledge, no intellect, yet when they have a problem they want to be able to come to me and ask me to solve it for them. Great for them, but all one sided. That is not friendship that is me being used as a convenience.

You need to have things in common for it to work and last and be happy for both! If a guy is very young he has every right to demand the woman is too - he does not need to make do with second or third best and put up with someone the same age as his mother or older sister. If he has a good job - doctor - then he has a right to say they must be professional, hard working, driven, accomplished and have a good income too - because otherwise he ends up with someone who relies on others to pay their bills and think for them. Why would he do that?

But I would add that when it is about friendship you can have friends who are not like you, I have some who are nothing like me, as it is ONLY friendship it does not matter. But I would never consider them for dating, living with or marrying.
So OP is trolling, but Finished isn't? How does that work?

OP was honest in what he wants. Will it limit his choices? Yes, most definitely. He's missing out on getting to know a lot of good people, but that's no different than wanting specifics in a romantic relationship that are hard to come by.

You are basing this person being a troll on 9 posts. Hardly enough to determine anything...also, Finished called himself a narcissist first, OP was just giving a more clinical assessment.
When someone can be picky people get jealous that they cannot be as picky as the other person and find fault with them instead of looking at themselves.
Only if they fall into your high demands....

Don't get me wrong, we all want something particular, but to just say "**** you" to whoever doesn't meet your guidelines? That's kind of short sighted, don't you think? You aren't picking the perfect apple here, we are human beings, as are you and we all have aspects that could potentially make an excellent friend, so why would you limit yourself to something so...by your own words...rare?

Anyway, welcome to the forum.
That's Harsh 😂😂😂
In a way TheRealCallie is right. But i find people with no friends at all - often - not always - are bad friends themselves. They are the sort to be too busy to stay in touch for ages - usually just relaxing and having a good time, would not even visit you in hospital, or give you a quick ring then even though they have plenty of time to, but then when they have a few days of not working and being bored they suddenly expect you to be there and available to fill that time for them! Or they are too busy socialising with other people and then expect you to be there just to listen to their problems or boasts or moans or giving advice to them.
One sided stuff never works. But Callie you must remember we are all different with different things we can offer. I worked very hard for years and did well. Now I meet a lot of people who want me to be a friend because I have more money than them, or because they want free advice on how to set up and run a business or whatever. People I have nothing at all in common with. Where it would all be a one way street. Anyone who is struggling with accommodation and money and has no job, no savings, no skills, no education, of course they will think everyone should want to be their friend. But why would they? Friendship has to be mutually beneficial. A naive person will say but those things don't matter. In which case the successful hard working person with money ends up with hundreds of useless friends who are wanting to suck their money and time and advice out of them, I have met plenty who dont work and have nothing to do all day who would love to be able to meet up with me just to fill their day, even though we have nothing at all in common, then I would have no time to meet friends I have things in common with and are a pleasure to be with. The only thing we all have in common is that we all have just seven days in a week and twenty four hours in a day. I cut down my business hours - despite it meaning a lot less money coming in - so I don;t waste precious time on just anyone or anything, I would been be better off working longer hours. I got so sick of so called potential friends, acquaintances, only calling me when they want me to be there to sort out their problems, all for free, I am setting up another business which is doing the same thing but pays very well. It makes far more sense. I am spending less time on this second business than I used to spend on giving free advice to people I barely knew.
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