I don't want to live anymore

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Overthinking, I suppose.
I did the sleep analysis and my doctor told me that the analysis went well.
It happens to me very often that I feel mentally tired during the day, to the point of having difficulty speaking and thinking properly.
This lowers my self-esteem a lot.

What alternative methods are you talking about?
There are a million. Acupuncture, hypnosis, CBD, meditation, supplements like melatonin, yoga, just for starters.
I've debated what to do with this thread. I don't like the idea of vulnerable people being subject to potential harassment, but I also understand people need to talk it out to get better.

So, I would highly recommend therapy. That is a good first step. I understand that isn't available to everyone, often through some financial issues so I did some research.

If you are in the US mental health is often handled at the county or state level for people that can otherwise not afford help. For more information, you need to call your state social services number. That is often 211 but you may need to google.

The suicide prevention hotline is 988.

I know neither are super attractive options, especially if you are suffering from depression, but it is better than the alternative.

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