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Thank you very much for the offer. But, no. :)
Pssst. Say yes and ask for that robot babe you've been lusting for.

I'm not against Christmas. I hate the disingenuous gatherings. People that pretend to care.

Gift giving should be limited to only those you care for and have frequent company with. If they don't really know you how can they buy for you? I hate getting a gift I can't use. Even if the thought was loving, it's a complete waste of money that most I know need desperately, and the big box stores don't.

I do not exchange gifts… unless I'm certain it's useful.

I like small Christmas card towns with church steeples, snowy streets and sleighs, and carolers. I suppose there was a time when Christmas wasn't strictly commercial. I guess that's the Christmas I'd enjoy.
Christmas is alright, I get to spend a few days with my daughter if she can get me to drag my sorry arse down to the land of wickermen.

Eid, Holi and Diwali or all much more fun though, if you're a Londoner.
Don't talk such utter tosh. If you want to believe in God, that's your choice, and I will respect it. However, that entire monologue is disrespectful and damming to Christian philosophy, assuming that you bother to read it subjectively. Peace, love, goodwill to all men. Not if you are a Christian zealot.
I got two sentences into his sermon and quit.

Thanks. Took the words right out of my mouth.
This may be the first time we agreed on anything.

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