I'm here...so yeah

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There are a good number of threads where you are welcome to unload your grief. Don't be shy. You've not yet told us anything we can respond to.
Forgot I was industrious...so, who thinks they're breaking but wants to bend instead? That was a fun one to go through
You're here, that's good. If you were there you wouldn't be here. But if you were there you would still be "here" wherever you are. Unless you can detach your head and hands from your body. Now we just need to get you to be everywhere. Welcome stranger, welcome to a place where strangers gather but these strangers are unlike other strangers. We connect with each other.
November is good...**** I have a lot of hatchways...even or odd..or don't give two shits and a fresia...blue is nice
I do, in a weak defense, try to limit my rants to about this time when no one is around. If that even matters
Also, someone might have a minute to dig through that superficial junk. I'm not expectant, but that would be a new challenge
I typed in this site to come to this site...and the first link was an A.I. program that has 'empathy'. Part of me wanted to see what it was. But then I realized...no. No.

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