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Apr 5, 2008
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HP Pavilion laptop
Windows XP

No video at any point, just black screen.
Test with an external monitor is the same.

POST beeps indicate that the BIOS can not initilalize the video.

With a PC at this point i would try reseating the video card, swapping video cards if that failed. Well this is a laptop so i should not be able to set the jumpers to disable the on onboard video for an add on being as there isn't even a slot, so what is the next step?
I have no clue. To the shop? sorry I could not be moor of a help. maybe someone else might.
Yup, your right Bluey. It's the shop.
Turned out the on board video was fried. Needs a new motherboard and being a lap top you can't throw in an off the shelf one.

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