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Aug 7, 2021
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Hi. Well, I deal with loneliness. Im 29 old, from Argentina. Since at least the last 6 years Ive been joining to forums and sites looking for people to talk, mostly people who also deal with loneliness. Ive joined to some mental health and depression forums but I dont find anyone that I relate there, and people is so reticent to talk. 

At first thought would find people like me in online forums, but no, and eventually been loosing hope that gonna find people who wants to talk.

About my story to end up alone, its long, and... a bit shameful. This days, and this last 6 years, Ive been without anyone to talk, no friends, nothing, the only people I talk is when I go to the store and I have to pay.

I miss going out with someone and have a conversation. I hate go out by myself, I dont do lt, the silence, its so boring, so almost dont go out. 

If any wants to chat Im open to private chat, I dont like much chat in topics. I preffer something more private, and its better to meet each other better.


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Nov 22, 2019
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I am a very young 67....would like to chat with others....my closest friends and my husband have all passed very young, so I am very alone....My husband passed at 54 ..it's 10 1/2 years..for a long time I did things alone, made friends with some users, dated a narcissist...and am done with all of that...boundaries are in place, red flags I will run from...the experts say ...you can't meet anyone sitting on your couch, but don't give any ideas on how to meet girlfriends, maybe a group or club, a potential companion/partner during a Pandemic when everything is closed and no one goes out..I do get a little afraid if I'm alone too long, I don't feel it's healthy for anyone...

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