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It’s futile
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Feb 5, 2023
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I guess this is a game of sorts, but admin can place it elsewhere if appropriate.

I wanted to begin a story, that others can add to. Let it go where it will.

There is only a few rules.

1. Please add only one sentence.

2. Please don't add consecutive posts within the same day.

3. Don't click reply, just add your sentence.

4. Please avoid killing off all the characters in one post.

Let me begin.

Eddy, aching all over, slowly opened his eyes to a thick fog that seemed to stretch in all directions.
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He stumbled forward confused, feeling for anything he could touch in the disorienting mist, until his hand came upon the texture of a hard polished stone surface.
As Eddy peered inside with his handy torch, he managed to see something large glistening quite a way down.
He jumped back with a start with eyes widened, wondering what on earth was going to emerge.
The torch dropping from his hand, he turned away holding his ears, only to feel the faint rumble along the ground of something large approaching.
He could hear his heart thumping in his chest, his mouth was dry and his knees were knocking.
As the rumbling drew ever closer, Eddy’s mind flashed, desperately searching for any clue as to how he even got there; all he could remember was walking along a quiet rural road.
The frustration at his fragmented memory could not last long, as Eddy now gazed up to see the outline of a towering shadow start to become clearer through the fog.
The towering shadow, which was cast by an actual tower, was so tall, so very tall, and at the top, Eddy could make out a lonely figure standing and pointing something at him.
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Reaching for his binoculars from his right arm he could see the figure was holding a magic wand.
Instinctively he recoiled, aghast, as the looming form of the tower seemed to bend over itself, reacing down...then, a disembodied voice, echoing loudly in his mind, froze him with fear at the words he heard.
Eddy didnt know where he was or how he got there, or who he even was, but he knew that he needed to climb the tower and unravel the mystery.

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