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He ran as fast as his sore legs could carry him, away from the tower, right into the fog, only to be greeted with the same familiar structure in front of him yet again, he had made a mistake.
As the large black feathers began to sprout from what was once his hands, all Eddy could say in exclamation was “skwaaak?!”.
He drifted along for a while until what appeared to be a desert island coming into view. He did his best to descend as slowly as he could.
After a lot of coughing and spluttering Eddy got to the surface. A huge wave suddenly came along and washed him to the shore.
Eddy struggled to his feet and started towards the ominous cave, Thinking to himself "why not, my day can't get any bloody worse".
Now, as a bent over crippled old man, in the mouth of the dark deep cave, nothing stirred and he thought he was all alone in the world, until a tiny glowing light bounced around up ahead, further into the cave.
While pondering whether to go along inside a bit more he came across a stick, he used this to assist his struggling steps.
Stumbling across to the wall he managed to adhere himself to the side with the sprouted suckers, they worked well until.
Until the little bouncing light up ahead shot towards him and burst into a millions oily sparkles that slipped his suckery grip, landing him flat on his spongey face.
Just as he thought he would take his last breath he was grabbed by a force so strong.
Eddie just allowed himself to be carried along the dark cave until it opened up to a colossal amphitheater whereupon he was plonked into a small purple pool of strange liquid, all the while thousands of pairs of yellow eyes gazed upon his odd sponges sucker-skin form.

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