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Getting stuck in the same patterns that I know don't work and are keeping me stuck in misery, because I never get enough time and space to myself to think myself out of them, figure out the way out of them, untangle myself from them.
I find it frustrating when people post for advice or make comments that encourage advice, then just ignore the replies they get. It just makes me feel like they posted to get attention or pity and not for genuine help out of the situation they outlined.
I hate being late. I'm kinda OCD about it. Sometimes I'll get to appts 45 minutes early.
I'm always on time (except once I slept in and was late to work by an hour, but I'd been sick). I try to instill the same punctuality into my kids. I don't like waiting on people who are late (been keep waiting many times and sometimes they completely forgot the appointment) so I don't want to do the same to others. I hate waiting for prolonged times at the doctor's too; even when I've got the first appointment of the day, I'm still kept waiting for some reason. I don't mind arriving early for things and reading or listening to music or something to while away the time. Done that many many times.
Here's something that frustrates me:

when people always act like the trades or the military are the answer for everyone.

The funny thing is, a lot of the time these people will be the first to say that college isn't for everyone.

If college isn't for everyone, because not everyone has the brains for college,
then why wouldn't it also be true that not everyone has the body for the trades or the military?

It's this stupid tough guy mindset that's always thinking people need punishment, rather than nourishment.
I really hate this whole idea that people need to be coerced into submission with threats of punishment and violence, instead of needing help and space to find yourself and where you would thrive. It's medieval.

It's like "oh the kids are too soft, need to toughen up".
OK, so why don't the tough kids need to go to school and smarten up as well?
How about everyone just goes where they actually thrive?

Also, shouldn't things be getting "softer" over time?
Doesn't a "softer" lifestyle indicate progress?
Isn't the purpose of advancing technology, to create a higher, and presumably more comfortable aka "softer" quality of life?

I'm not saying that being in the trades or the military is necessarily a punishment - it isn't, if that is your interest and where you think you would do best.
What IS a punishment, is forcing someone to go where they don't belong, instead of helping them get to where they do.

I think that we ought to set up a society that's set up to help people find the place where they would do best, instead of twisting everything into being a character fault, and looking for people to punish for "weakness", instead of realizing that these "character faults" and "weaknesses", are really just differences.

If you like to work with tools, or want to join the military, that's great. No sarcasm either.
I just don't think either of those paths are the answer for me though.
I don't think I am cut out for it and I think I would do better elsewhere.
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Pet Peeves.....

Having to pay for water when the provider who seeks payment pays nothing for water!

Paying to live on earth while prevented at every juncture to secure self sufficiency.

Renting a home.....paying a "landlord" who is letting the property, which is equivalent to charging interest on a loan. The landlord effectively lends the property to the me and receives it back with interest, effectively making me pay for his/her second home!!
Ancient keyboards that stick like the one I'm currently using. Need a **** sledgehammer to make the space bar work.
passive aggressive road hoggin' slowpokes causing traffic jams because they won't lead/follow or get the H outta the way.

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