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I'm the 19 year old uni student who posted here before.. I have no friends at university... I tried so hard with them but you know, snobs, people with money and cars who boast a big bank account and never have a hurry anywhere but the cinema.. Yeah i've probably looked in all the wrong places for friends but outside my course it's hard to meet people. I tried clubs and societies but it was the same old bourgeois clan of people (I'm not judging, but I was asked by a few if I drive a car, to which I answered no, and that was the end of the conversation) It's like I can't fit in here. In this college I spent one year doing a course in, I was with equals who knew what it was like to be broke. I wear jeans and a t-shirt to uni, why would i wear good clothes when there's a good chance i'll be uncomfortable on the long trek to uni?! (one and three quarters hour journey)
When i do meet people i'm the happiest person "hey someone's actually interested in me!" ... maybe my smiles are too forward (not constantly smiling but i do tend to get hyper around new people -defense as the therapist put it) I don't know what to do. this first year is over, my parents ask me why I don't go anywhere (my sister goes out all the time but she's in a different uni) and why I am always in at the weekends... I have no excuses.. I feel embarrassed to be home! I have no social life and even my parents are judging me.. Hmm.. i don't really expect many replies here. i know i've written a lot and fair play to you if you got this far :)

Anyway... Thanks for reading on..
Well, I'm sort of the same way. I tend to be hyper around my friends since I am very happy to see people who actually care about me enough to talk to me and be friends with me. My parents also think I have no social life since I'm stuck at home all weekend since all my friends are way too busy with other stuff to get together with me. I guess I sort of understand...
Don't be embarassed about what your parents asked you. It's not your fault that you haven't made friends yet. It is harder for some people than for others.

Smiling at people is cool. Perhaps you should just check yourself to see that you are not smiling too hard or too often. Some people are snobby and turned off by smiles. Others like it but in small doses. You start by smiling at folks. Then you can start saying hi to people you recognize. You can strike up a conversation with someone in your class by asking about the assignment, etc. Or ask them if they know anything about a certain course or professor. Start slow. I agree that I can be to overeager to make friends and sometimes people freak out. But smiling, then saying hi, then talking is a good way to start up.

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