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I kind of pooh-poohed this one at first; I was quite amazed, however, at the breadth of her wisdom on the subject. It's still not my cup of tea; however, those long forgotten slogans of wisdom, such as: "Don't judge a book by it's cover," continue to ring true.

One thing I would add is that: perhaps it seemed easier to make friends when I was younger, because I was still discovering, shaping, and creating my, 'self.' I think at a certain point, I became sufficiently, 'me.' I arrived at the destination. Then for whatever reason, it seemed like, life took that, 'me,' I was quite satisfied with, away from me (hah!?). And not only that, but continued changing everything else around it.

I'm tired. I liked my, 'Me.' I thought it was a pretty good, 'Me.' And I'm angry and upset, that, having put so much work and effort into creating a, 'Me,' that, like a sandcastle on the beach, it was just knocked over, or quickly eroded by the waves of the sea of time. I don't want to rebuild it. heh. :( That's okay.

My understanding of impermanence, at this point, seems a point of woeful ponder.

...But, I think to myself, what an amazing thing... This, 'Me,' that Idea, that Concept, real or not, tangible or not, it's simultaneously something I have nearly next to no control over whatsoever, as well as, that it is an enduring process. I don't realize it just now, but, that, 'Me,' is something I can continue to discover, shape, and create. And even after I'm dead, it will continue to morph and change, forgotten or not.

*shrug* Doesn't feel so great now, but, pretty cool, I think.
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