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I kind of pooh-poohed this one at first; I was quite amazed, however, at the breadth of her wisdom on the subject. It's still not my cup of tea; however, those long forgotten slogans of wisdom, such as: "Don't judge a book by it's cover," continue to ring true.

One thing I would add is that: perhaps it seemed easier to make friends when I was younger, because I was still discovering, shaping, and creating my, 'self.' I think at a certain point, I became sufficiently, 'me.' I arrived at the destination. Then for whatever reason, it seemed like, life took that, 'me,' I was quite satisfied with, away from me (hah!?). And not only that, but continued changing everything else around it.

I'm tired. I liked my, 'Me.' I thought it was a pretty good, 'Me.' And I'm angry and upset, that, having put so much work and effort into creating a, 'Me,' that, like a sandcastle on the beach, it was just knocked over, or quickly eroded by the waves of the sea of time. I don't want to rebuild it. heh. :( That's okay.

My understanding of impermanence, at this point, seems a point of woeful ponder.

...But, I think to myself, what an amazing thing... This, 'Me,' that Idea, that Concept, real or not, tangible or not, it's simultaneously something I have nearly next to no control over whatsoever, as well as, that it is an enduring process. I don't realize it just now, but, that, 'Me,' is something I can continue to discover, shape, and create. And even after I'm dead, it will continue to morph and change, forgotten or not.

*shrug* Doesn't feel so great now, but, pretty cool, I think.
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Well, I recently have myself to blame for being click baited into having a Yale learned Surgeon, via Youtube, basically, call me an idiot, lol. I suppose there is no need to take it personal. He was probably versed in some of the more recent neurological findings, as there was some reverse psychology in there, and I quote (not completely accurately), from half way into the video: "And then you have to take the painful road of admitting to yourself, you're taking some advice from a random stranger on youtube."

I guess in summary it was a, 'no pain, no gain,' talk, compiled in such a way as to be delivered in a reverse psychology, sort of, shame and insult you into quitting d*cking around, and taking actionable, piecemeal steps, towards accomplishing things that make you feel good for accomplishing them, and that improve your lot in life.

I knew it was clickbait, but, sometimes, I realize, I'm no longer the person who used to read wikipedia for three hours straight, and then wonder where the time went. My attention-span is dismal these days. So, I thought I'd give it a chance and a full view.

-I felt quite hurt, and insulted, so I'm venting here.
--Perhaps took it too personal (most likely, but feelings are feelings).
-I do not envy the work of a surgeon. (Or shameless shilling for sponsors on Youtube (though, I may have sour-grapes about it))
-He explained that TikTok attention spans and the continuing trends of this nature, are actually an opportunity, by simple virtue of not following these trends. ie: reading books instead of consuming, 'dopamine-jackpot media', for one example.
--I don't really like the way he quite vindictively put it though: but, I suppose, 'getting even,' is one way to get ahead.

In my defense, I'll say this: there was a time, coming out of my early youth, and into my young twenties, where, I realized, I wasn't really living, to put it one way. I was just existing. I had come into possession of a book some one (from here, actually, I forget who now) gave me, and I learned what it had to teach me. I enjoyed every second of it. Spent up to 8 hours some days, just learning: reading, taking notes, doing the homework. I was a different person, then, though.

I thought I had some important point to make, or something helpful to offer up, by way of relating this experience, but, I just remembered what my original point was(full context here).

Anyway, that's that. I'm not a rich Yale prick who does a very necessary, respectable, and highly, highly skilled professional job, that earns a lot of money, and posibly takes comfort in his position in life, by contrasting it against those who have been less ambitious, for whatever reasons, etc. (That's the cognitive dissonance / sour grapes, probably (maybe he helps his land lady carry out her garbage and is actually a real swell guy, and I'm a loser).

Philosophically, however, there's no reason to, 'put myself down,' and call myself a loser; plenty of people will gladly remind me of why they think I'm not so great, and perhaps quite none-to-kindly, at that (whether I self-flagellate or not).

Sometimes, you lose. I'm an aging male, venting on a forum, about being clickbaited into getting insulted as a way to spur me to action while simultaneously being reminded of how my life isn't so well put together.


There's flowers blooming outside though. And they are beautiful.

To his credit, one of his quotes was (whether original or not): "You chose the pain you want in life, or life choses for you." Maybe some one will find words like that useful.

It's not my style though.
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