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Administrator's note: Due to the originality of the question it asks this thread falls under the criteria of "Essential" and hereby shall remain as a historical landmark of aLonelyLife.com in the form of a sticky. Thank You, ThatOneGuy!

4th of April 2008
- Robin


Just post what you are listening to right now.
Lol, this album's 94 minutes long. I'm gonna be listening to it for a while. XD

Cool album, though...
Origin - Evanescence. Bootlegged it and loving it! I woulda bought it but since they only made like 350 copies that's kinda hard... And I'm such a fangirl I disgust myself... don't mind me I'm just going to go slap myself in the face. *slaps self in the face for being a fangirl*
My heartbeat. For some reason it's really loud right now.
Timesteps from the Clockwork Orange soundtrack...

And before that, the Friends theme song after I watched the first episode on Youtube. :eek:
Lost in the Oilfield said:
How It's Made... a show on the Discovery Channel.

I love that show!!

But anyways...

I'm listening to Album:Led Zeppelin III

Song:Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

That classical thread got me reliving the music of before I was born.

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