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Has one of the best ever exchanges between a detective and a witness, who was a fat feral biatch. I laughed out loud at the detective's wittiness. Wish I was that quick witted and eloquent with my words.

Edit - this was a great read. I highly recommend it.

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What a wild ride! I loved it, but this book could easily trigger some folks.
Sara didn't let me down. Always enjoy her work. Now about to start this one by Tobias Hill, which I found in a secondhand shop Hoping it's good.

Edit - it wasn’t. I couldn’t take it by page 85. Tedious. Wouldn’t get going. If you’re obsessed with gems and history you might like it.

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This year I’ve had some bad reads, like the one above. Hopefully this will be decent.

Edit - it was a good book. Have bought more of her books now.

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A creative retelling of Stoker's classic novel, with the Count trying to clear his name. It feels like a precursor to Anne Rice's work, with a vampire telling their story to mortals.

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