What do you like about yourself?

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We self deprecating lapsed Catholics aren't supposed to like ourselves too much. Having said that, I cook a great spaghetti Bolognese, have a wicked sense of humour and play a mean D7 chord on the guitar!
I like too much about myself to give a real answer. I'm just abiding by this threads rule in that I must say something before I can leave it. I'm fricking hawt babe
I keep out of debt.
Of all kinds.
I owe nothing to anyone and am beholden to no one.
I'm lonely, but totally independent.
It's not great, but not so bad either.
What I hear the most from others is that I'm genuine & kind. That means a lot to me. I pretty much know that myself, but sometimes I don't think that well of myself. I went through abuse as a child & when I was married. One thing that was done was gaslighting. I still have self doubts & get that negative voice sometimes.
The fact that I have a million and one ways to counter people when they ask me about why I have no friends or why I do not have a girlfriend or stuff like that. I like that I can make these people squirm as they try to look me in the eye and say "Just take a chance" or "You just need to find the right person"

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