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which civilization's Mythology fascinates you the most?

Mesopotamia is perhaps my biggest study, although that's mostly because due to the fragmentation of records it really takes some years to piece together the timeline of events of the civilizations there. For all of the artifacts in the museums available, only a small portion of them have even been translated.

I also very much like Hinduism and Buddhism, but I know considerably less about them. They are admittedly, rather intimidating in size. I'd always wondered why and I'm only now realizing that it's because Hinduism is kind of like a giant umbrella term, and when I say giant I really do mean giant.

Folklore is perhaps my favorite to study. Although it's the smallest, usually adhering to oral traditions among different sects of indigenous peoples such as the San People of South Africa and the indigenous Naga People of India. Although, we know a bit more about the Naga than we do the San. Tribal studies are extremely interesting because it really gets into the nitty gritty of details, which is what I love to do. 😂 But there's a limited amount of information available on them either from lack of archeological evidence over time, or simply lack of human contact over time, such as with the case of the Sentinelese.
I love the act of kindness that everyone has on here,and knowing that all of us on this forum site is not alone,because we all know what it's like to be lonely.
Integrity and foresight. People that don't need to put someone down to feel better about their own pointless existence.
Is there anything you love?

A(n online) friend asked me something about languages, and we began talking about languages, and I realized I like languages and talking about it...

What makes you guys talk merrily?
Thoughts about being happy
My dog
Being held and told everything's gonna be ok

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