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Jan 8, 2019
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North America/France
I'm looking for friends/chat buddies and one of my interests is conspiracy theories. I'm middle aged and male. I don't care about age though, so if you are also interested in that kind of stuff and are lonely, please message me whether younger or older. I have other interests but I spend a lot of time online and don't leave the house much, so I've fallen away from the social norms I kept up with when I was younger. Now I mostly understand the human experience through a conspiratorial lens, for better or worse.

Also, I'm just lonely, so even if you don't like talking about conspiracies but feel like chatting, please don't hesitate. just let me know if you prefer not to discuss them and we can talk about other stuff.

We can chat in English or French.
Hmm talking about conspiracies theories often leads to arguing about conspiracy theories.

I don't want to really talk about any in particular as I've wasted too much time in that realm and discovered too many idiots, but what is your favourite one you like to discuss?
I don't have a favorite one but I am basically a pessimist and a cynic so the ones that try to emphasize positivity (ie we need to prepare for the loving aliens to land) don't hold my interest for long.

I used to like Alex Jones when I was younger but now I find him to be a bit too much with the yelling and the infomercials.

You're right that it can lead to arguments and the fact that you have run into people you thought of as idiots is why I prefer to discuss it in private. If people like chatting w me they will keep chatting, if not, they won't.
I like your stance. If a conspiracy catches my attention, I'll do a fair bit of research into it, mainly for my own knowledge, and it's often then that I discover how stupid some of these people are, because in a short time I seem to be able to work out what's going on and I realise how often morons just dismiss information that doesn't suit their ideas or agendas. Too often simple people are being duped these days, and it's easy to do with the tech these days. I like an older conspiracy, like JFK and Marilyn just to name two, which appears to contain covers ups and secret activity and doesn't seem to have a satisfying conclusion. I've always been a believer in the thought that a perpetrator of an event that results in a conspiracy would actually prefer the conspiracy as it muddies up the water so much that nobody knows what's the truth anymore. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the perp(s) even start the conspiracy for that purpose. It's easier than trying to keep it all a secret. 911 created a humongous conspiracy and a massive can of worms as we all know, but there have also been conspiracies that turned out to be true, so if one desires to keep oneself absorbed in such interests, there is a plethora out there with which to do so. I have too much else to do to trawl over volumes of information anymore.
we need to prepare for the loving aliens to land
Is the conspiracy that they are loving or just aliens in general? I'm not going to get into a big debate or anything about it, I just wanted to know which part is the conspiracy.

I realise how often morons just dismiss information that doesn't suit their ideas or agendas
And how is this is different than non conspiracy theories? lol

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