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Never enter a Scientology store not knowing what is is, asking to buy Dianetics you saw in the window. It doesn't end well.
I disagree as I witness the world. I see people influencing and manipulating the world and their surroundings everyday. The world feels it is all about selling yourself and the other half reciprocating. Looks, money, actions, success or the car you drive... You can make them like you just as easy for you to make them hate you.
I'm sure with the right car, a big house, etc. I could get myself a very pretty woman.
Yet it would be bad for my self-esteem, because I would always doubt whether that woman loved me, or just loved living an expensive lifestyle.
Sometimes it's better to buy something new instead of continuing to repair it. I have a difficult time with that since I'm super curious why something quits working. So, I absolutely have to take it apart, figure out what's wrong with it, buy the need parts, and make it work like new again. Many times I make it better then new by re-engineering the part/s that failed.
I used to think other people cared because I actually cared about other people and wanted to help them. I still do. But, I have to stop myself from helping them because I now know it's completely one sided.
Yes, most people are really selfish. I am a selfish person. My oldest sister is like this. She will go out of her way to help and accommodate people. It drives me crazy because I know that it is like you said one-sided. Its good that you stopped doing for the undeserving.

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