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Jun 18, 2022
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Nothing to do with this site, or anyone on it.

Yeserday. I went to local bar and met with 3 others. I know well and this is what happend.

Being gas lighted and antagonized, ridiculed, by Narcissistic individuals for my views on some things, certain people will insert terms or a word in a conversation which they know I have different views on, laughing, saying, these fools’ idiots who think X or Y; are in a veiled mocking manner, but not directly at me, but are, covertly, to no doubt attempting to draw me out. And when I say, but you have no proof or evidence of your view, they begin to kind to almost shout, standing on their soap box, and while laughing, dismiss out of hand anything I say. Then the other Wolf = person joins in the attack, bouncing from one protagonist to the other, the assaults fly on my personality and views intensifies, leaving me feeling like some corned Bear by a pack of bating wolves. Both firing volleys of dismissive terms and insults, like, I don’t care about the math, its rubbish. “I say what about this or that” as They flatly refuse to, or can’t engage in a calm grown up intelligent debate, or conversation about it; they just ridicule and dismiss out of hand anything I say or even attempt to say, and if I even attempt to reply, they just turn up the heat becoming yet louder than louder. Things like “ you always think your right, don’t you”. Or, you think too much, and then in the end, they invariably say I started the heated disagreement or argument. They also seem to leap from subject area to another, in an attempt to some how show their dislike of me as a person in one way or another, or to put me on one foot followed immediately by the other foot, in some attempt to confuse the entire thing so to speak; In short, any line or statement I wish to try and reply to becomes factures and almost meaningless leaving it a type of nonsense, in the cascade, differing lines of statements; I believe, they feel their lies and deceptions are being partly exposed, and they don’t want that, bad for their PR so to speak. It’s like they use this lead in, in a sense to embattle me, to open up Pandora’s Box of their veiled hatred for me and to voice it. I maybe wrong, but I think it’s driven by some twisted version of jealously, or just plainly outmatched, or something, hence the barracking, as they seem to realize I know, without me saying anything, they sort of almost feel I know they are talking is utter B/S on other areas in their lives, and they also seem to know I seem see through it, so it maybe some feeling of being venerable and sort of exposed if I am in their presents.

Considering my resent past, and what I have been through, they know fully, I am in a vulnerable position being on my own emotionally, isolated and kind of physically isolated. To do such tricks, games, or treat someone like this, in my view is Vial at best, or even the word evil also comes to mind. So I end up feeling disenfranchised, depressed and lonely, further adding to my very difficult situation. It is said School children in the playground can be nasty and evil to each other; have things changed so much, when people age, I fear not!
From what you write, it sounds like they bait you. Do you consider these people your friends? Because it doesn't sound like they are.

As for things changing, I think it entirely depends on the people you hang out with. Some people just don't have the ability or desire to mature.
I agree with you . They think, I think they are my friends, but I know they are not. I have a big problem, I have no one, I mean NO one. if you sit here so to speak on your own. in a short while you begin to go mad, half there now I think. what can we do. its all I have. I am Desperately trying to find a new partner, I am working on it, but Rome is was not built in a day, as they say. It just seems I fight to trying keep myself afloat, and and Universe rolls in and kicks the crap out of me in way or another. I am tired of it all. And the sad but amusing thing here is; one the protagonist claim he has a degree in counseling yes counseling! Personally I have not heard of university in the UK that has an undergrad degree course, only and specially in counseling, with Psychology yes but not just counseling. I also have about 3 cert in counseling myself from about 30 years ago.I asked him whathe thought of the Rogers and Egan system of counseling, one of the best know systems. Umm he had never heard of it. Says it all
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Other than the fact its now very hard for me to type and string the written word together so to speak. And as said have almost one to talk to regard feeling depressed, agree and upset. Even the, umm, kind of new lady/girl friend is not working out as I was hoping! She seems kind of cold, a little dispassionate to my on going problems , almost dismissive. “Says, if they are horrible people walk away and go find new friends”. (where is that, at the friends shop again) I am 95% a very friendly and sociable character, I live in a quite half isolated village near the mountains. The people here speak a very different language or most do, So its that easy. Or she will say, go for a walk in the forest and talk to the trees. Um give me a break! I made it clear, I can talk my dog and cat, but they have little or no social inter personal skills or social conversational interactions 99% of the time. Somehow she is just not getting what I am saying or meaning! Even the contact with her is only via Skype text. Which as said I have problems with. Even thought she only lives about 2.5hrs drive, questions I want to say and what she wants to say, which is often very different from the line I am referring to. What ever happened to “ hello, isn’t it a nice day”. Replay; yes it is its supposed to be sunny all day, that is good isn’t it” ! Na, na Norm here very often gets “ hello, isn’t it a nice day”. Or “I am looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks” I get, (someting like, the students I teach are not very bright, they struggle with very basic math questions.) HELLO, WHAT! And I am the one who is supposed to be the idiot or fool. Its nuts. Its almost like two people on the same call, at the same time, talking two each other, but half having the time having completely different conversation. It’s insane! But we are taking texting here, but same logic..

This lady I came across on one those date type sites, her heady was ( life is too short to waist time)! ( I am looking for a soul mate with X,Y, Z character and personality, “ to spend the rest of my life with as a companion and partner) Ok, I fitted her wishes 98% even had the same views on life. Looks great right! She is the very same age as me, 67 years old. But here is the kicker; she still works full time and giving personal lessons to people I the evenings. Seems near 7 days a week,, she says. And in a few weeks I have kind of known her, all I seem to get is about 30 mins to 1.5hrs at bout 9pm to text back and forth, and we covered what screw up.

SO what happened to “Life is too short to waist time”. She has not addressed an answer regard here hopeful near term plans regard us or even herself. And so I am left wandering what its all about. I want and need what she claims she offering in her add. And so, its where it all going where God knows. At my age and situation, some fluffy plans or timetable for her plans, if she has any. Is no good for me as is. When does she hope to pack up work when she 75 or something. I took her at her word regard her add. Well that seems to have take wings and took off into the sunset hasn’t it.

And all the time I am waiting to get my new partner so I don’t have to deal with these morons down the road, as that is what I get for now. The whole thing makes me feel despondent and depressed to be honest. It all stared of for me, giving that light at the end of the tunnel, hope, motivated me. Now its quickly Turing into a reserved disappointment.

Sorry for any typos, I am good that them hahah.
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