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    I have a friend that needs help.

    I'm sure it's extremely difficult. But as you said, he's a big part of your life, the best you can do is be there when he needs picking up I guess.
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    Do you ever feel like your soul is crying ....or something inside like that

    Yes Kristina. I do and feel that lately. I'm sorry you are feeling it too. I cry a lot, but it doesn't empty the sadness in my soul. I'm trying to fill my soul with happy/positive things to push that sadness out. It helps that I have my dogs and cats by my side. I'm also doing a lot of spiritual...
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    What's a painful truth you've had to swallow?

    The painful truth I've had to swallow: I'm not valuable to the man I love. On a more personal note, I've had to admit that I have a temper lately and I don't like it so I'm working on that. I also think I have trust issues, so again, have to work on that.
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    Questions for the Women

    When I was dating, if I showed interest it was because I wanted to get to know the guy. I used to online date, so for me to show interest it was because I either liked his photo or his profile. If I chose not to go on a date with him after chatting for a bit, it's because there was something...
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    I have a friend that needs help.

    Hi Fustar, I agree with MissBehave. You can't give advice to a person who doesn't want to hear it or take it. I'm in a similar situation so I can relate to the feelings of frustration. In fact, I was given a tip by my social worker, she said stop advising. Just be there to listen, don't give an...
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    I made a boundary...trying to keep it!

    I agree with you 100%. Emotional blackmail...that happened again tonight. It's horrible. I'm continuing to work on myself despite his wearing me down! I love that thank you!!! :)
  7. Fay F

    I made a boundary...trying to keep it!

    I appreciate your honest response! I'm working on it! :)
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    Feeling Like A Victim

    I so appreciate you. For the longest time I was hiding it but something happened just before Christmas that made me "come out" so to speak. I told 3 of my closest friends who had no idea. How happy I felt that they were SUPPORTIVE. I was so afraid I'd be judged. I still talk to one of them about...
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    Positivity & Appreciation ❤️

    I'm grateful for having level-headed and sensitive/compassionate people support me. The positive tonight is that I got to have a quiet dinner on my own, no food got stuck, no anxiety and drama. :)
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    Feeling Like A Victim

    Thank you so much! I'm sorry you went through this and you're right about the self-worth. I do believe in myself. I enjoy who I am and even if he tries to instill in me that I'm a "bad person" I know I'm not!❤️❤️
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    Feeling Like A Victim

    I don't know you very well, but I can certainly anticipate your honest and helpful responses...Callie did you have someone like you in your life when you were trying to get out of your situation? I feel like you are there to help me, but that I'm not ready to accept the help yet, but you always...
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    Feeling Like A Victim

    Thank you! I was reaching out for support and your comment really helped me. For the last month or so, I've been speaking to a counsellor weekly. I am working with a self-esteem coach daily by email - the lovely angel of a lady doesn't even charge a fee because she wants to help people - I'm so...
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    Feeling Like A Victim

    I'm trying very hard not to have the "victim" mentality. Nobody is putting a gun to my head and forcing me to stay with an abusive partner. What is wrong with me? Why can't I just buck up and ask him to leave already? My Excuses: 1. I love him 2. We've been together 16 years 3. I know deep...
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    I am English-speaking, but I also speak French and a little bit of Spanish that I learned in college - I understand Spanish more than I can speak it. I always wanted to learn Italian and Gaelic actually, but lack the mental focus to follow through. And like Callie, I know many curse words in a...
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    Relationship In Betweens and Things That Could Be Worked On

    Oh no, not your favourite cereal bowl! And I'm being serious! I had a favourite coffee mug that got broken too and it upset me. Well, overzealous, maybe but we all have our needs and quirks. Having that understood by our partners is a good feeling. Besides his unattractive qualities, I know that...