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Will you think of me, As I lay there thinking of you.
I come from a broken home. One thing you should learn is that you're your own priority.

As the saying goes; Nobody GIVES a shit. You have to TAKE it!
(09-07-2012, 06:15 PM)Klemon Wrote: I always think "I shouldn't have let her go"
Then I realise it would have been selfish to cling on when her heart really wasn't in it anymore
Then I think about how the good guy never wins
I wonder why someone else hasn't come along yet and why is she taking so long?
And then finally I wonder if at 27 years old I've already lived through the happiest my life will ever be.

Nope, life gets better. The good guy does win on occasion. And the one I've found is so worth a 45 year wait.

There's always hope Big Grin
Not knowing me nor I of you, I'll think thoughts of hope for you as you lay there thinking about whatever you want.

That being said, I still think of him everyday, but I know it doesn't matter if he misses me, or if he ever loved me. If he missed or loved me so much, his ass would be by at my side. But that would that look weird.

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