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Which one is the worst? Rejection, Failure, or Humiliation?

Quote:Keep doing what you're doing. Creativity and success takes time. Rome wasn't build in a day
You're right. Thanks a lot for your kindness. A hi to you for being an artist too. It's a freaking tough life. Normal people will never understand it. It's so "funny" to break an artist. So easy, like a small branch. Snap!
Quote:So those people that rejected me aren't meant to be in my life.
In theory this is really the way to go, you got it. In the heart though, how do you force your heart to think that, and stop feeling attached to people who apparently wanted to be part of your life, but who couldn't want to stay for a reason or another?


When I wrote my opening post, I didn't think anyone would really take the time to read my part and care enough to reply to it. For that alone, you are really awesome, and friendly, and kind. Thank you.

The only failed career that really affected me is Arts. Everything else I've done, whatever would happen, I wouldn't care because the next ordinary job is never really far away. I know the drill by heart and to me it's just a question of following steps I've already followed hundreds of times before. Arts though, is rather like the fountain of youth to me. I want it, and it seems to me like unattainable and unreal. Somehow I feel like the closest I'll ever be to success with it is in doing what I'm already doing, and no real living will ever come from it. Like my work is something people want as long as it's free. Positive feedback is already a treasure of love in itself, and it is THE reason that makes me keep going; but they won't feed me or my kids, or bring me any closer to that house in the North, that I want for my old days.

Once again, thanks for your post. I am not sure if I deserve so much kindness; but I certainly appreciate it. And I am glad for you about your new job. I hope it will reveal as promising and full of great new possibilities as it seems.


Sorry about what you went through. Some parts of what you tell of your childhood rings a bell about mine. I cannot tell more, it's a pandora's box of dark memories I prefer to keep closed and far away inside. But my 2nd last ex tapped hard in there. Like a kick in the hive. He's been the toughest person for me to let go because he reminded me of earlier times of my life on so many levels.
onely I will decide whether i failed or not.

i try to be as good a person as i can be
rejection based on anything other than that means nothing, as it says more about the person rejecting than it does about me.

no one that actually cares about you will purposely humilliate you.
nor will a decent human being.
all the others that do mean shit to me.

seems to work for me Smile

- anything clever i put in here will just sound stupid in the morning. -
All of them. Sometimes you can be hit with all at once. Like trying to hit on someone you like and get rejected, which comes with failure because you were unsuccessful and humiliation if it happens in front of people.

I'm not sure which one to me is worse though. :/
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

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Tough question. All three have each been such a profound characteristic of my life.

I guess I would have to say failure. Excluding the internet, I have avoided rejection and humiliation by becoming a hermit. Not something I recommend btw.

However failure is always with me. I can't even avoid it by being a hermit, because that is being a failure to me.

The internet has actually given me a thicker skin, and made me braver. So maybe I will feel less humiliated and less rejected in the future when dealing with others in person?

(01-20-2012, 12:42 AM)mug Wrote: Tough question. All three have each been such a profound characteristic of my life.

I guess I would have to say failure. Excluding the internet, I have avoided rejection and humiliation by becoming a hermit. Not something I recommend btw.


I so identify with that mug, people were asking me if I had become a hermit because outside of work I was hardly visible. I've been forcing myself out of that state- its getting a bit easier to interact now because I've chose not to have many expectations of people anymore.

For me its rejection. The other two you can do something about. Rejection terrifies me because its so out of my hands. This might be coloured by the fact rejection is one I've felt the most. To fail something needs to be expected of you and all my humiliation have been quite private.
Rejection.. First...
The others follow.
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Rejection. I say this because I've faced it soooooooo many times. The toughest part is getting it from the ones who are supposed to love you, but instead leave you high and dry. After that......tough call. I'm facing a mix of the 2 at this point. I feel like I've failed and let people down.....especially my son and that is so humiliating.
For me humiliation would be the biggest one cause its in front of other people and with rejection is more of just you and another person and if one doesnt some one else would want you still.. and failure is well not that big of a deal just need to keep trying or try something else..

But maybe it would really suck if you got rejected in front of a bunch of people that would kind of go with humiliation with rejection at the same time

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