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Hi. My name is Bob and I'm a loser. I haven't lost for 3 months which is good for me. I joined this group so I could stop losing forever. So I'm interested to hear how other people stopped losing.
I've stopped losing mainly by withdrawal. How can I lose friends if I don't have any?
How can I lose money on gambling when I don't have any? How can I lose weight if I stopped exercising altogether?
My couch is my friend. Just hope I don't lose my couch.
I'm by no means a winner, if that counts.
I think of it like Toy Story:
"That's not flying! It's...Falling With Style!"
Seeing ourselves as a label like "loser". Is that helpful.?

No, F*ck that.

I've f*ckin' pwned noobs in my time, IRL. I've been a friend. I've been there for people in dark times. Nothing can change that.

Definitely not perfect. Definitely down on myself some times.

What is now, is now. One can philosophically own it, and live it: slacker, underachiever, unsuccessful, alone, depressed, single, unloved, misunderstood, hurting, confused, frightened, hopeless, etc... All of it. Call it whatever. It's own-able.

Lots of amazingly beautiful, unique, lively, interesting, people have come and gone through this place.
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