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Which one is the worst? Rejection, Failure, or Humiliation?
I would say failure.. you can overcome rejection and humiliation... failure.. not so much


I think humiliation.
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(01-22-2012, 11:11 AM)Peter Lorre Wrote: I think humiliation.
I agree.

I agree. I think all kind of feed into each other...but I hate rejection. It stirs up so many emotions.
Non-existance is the worst. You know why, females.....

But really, not being accepted by people, nobody knowing you, what you are going through, able to step in your mind for a day and see how horrible things are. If I got injured, learned something new, go through a wave of not wanting to be alive anymore, I don't have anyone to turn to in my most darkest and desperate hours like that. Maybe turn the light off, sleeping in pitch black with a dissapointed smirk on your face. The worst thing is not having the choice or the ability to do anything about it. So you are just stick with it, this isolated existance where you are going to have to conform to it or you will go over the edge. Nobody wants to stop and think for a second: hey, maybe that person I ignored, maybe they were suicidal, maybe they had no one else to turn to, maybe they needed someone to reach out to them, but they never got it. I always pull out my favorite excerpt.

***An Award-winning youtube video, by my favorite speaker***

I've been humiliated for most my life, I probably fear Humiliation the most. The feeling of being singled out in a group or/and made to feel lower than your peers is just painful. It can also come as a form of rejection.

But I guess it depends on what dose either of those comes in.
Rejection, humiliation, then failure for me.
Hoffy <3 Pezza

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It really surprises me how much things have changed in the almost two and a half years since this thread was started.

I'd have to say that of the three choices rejection would still be the worst for me....and even that would depend on the situation. Feeling like you're not good enough can really suck but I've found time and new opportunity to be a great healer.

I've picked myself up and dusted off after many failures (I suspect there'll be more- that's life) and humiliation isn't something I'm bothered by since I'm not put out by the opinions of others if they choose to judge me.
Failure or humiliation. I can walk away from being strung along or turned away (rejection), but I can't just walk away from not being able to do what's necessary or what matters and not having anything of value within myself.
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I don't know. To me, rejection and failure both cause humiliation, which is described in the phrase "to add insult to injury". I suppose I'd have to say rejection is the worst, because failure isn't always personal - for example, failing to meet a personal best in a workout, failure to play a song right, failure to draw something accurately, and so on. You can recover from failure given enough practice and time.

But to me, rejection carries an extra sting that makes it both personal, and the worst of the three. No matter how nice I may be rejected, I always feel as though I am being told to go to hell, that I'm worth less than nothing. Or in the case of relationships, that I am a sissy and not a man. It offends me greatly. I hate rejection from the bottom of my heart. For me, it is undoubtedly the worst.
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