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People who have tons of friends cause of their looks make me sick
(08-11-2016, 12:10 PM)WrongDecision Wrote: Old thread but let me just reveal the ugly truth about this. I was once popular and the jock in school. I had many friends more then I could count. I also had very popular friends that were girls. For very pretty girls to think they have many friends comes a hefty price. The things I use to hear from my jock friends in locker rooms about some of these girls were horrific. Half if not almost all guys that pretended to be friends with popular girls only had one intention. That being to get lucky and sleep with them. Although I was in this shallow group it was a wake up call for me. I soon realized these were no friends but only companions until end of school. Thats exactly what happened when I graduated. All of the sudden my big group of friends vanished and I had to start finding new friends. So next time you feel jealous or angry at these popular bunch ask yourself this. These friends he or she has are they real or are they with them just fir show or other purposes.

You are right. However, it is hard to grasp that some times, especially because loneliness is such a sticky thing. I was walking on the streets of NY, by myself (because I am visiting from Brazil and I flew here by myself) and I saw everyone having fun, dressing in order to attract...of course not everyone was a jock or shallow person, but loneliness makes us think like that. I see muscular men – some of them studied with me in high school – at the beach, drinking champagne, surrounded with girls who also traveled with them. Some times I see them in yatches and stuff. Or some times they aren't even rich, but just displaying their wonderful shiney lives and conquests on Facebook. I hate social media. People should meet face to face...
(02-13-2008, 02:22 AM)stone-rose Wrote: Sometimes it isn't someone's looks that give them friends. Some people are very confident in themselves and are willing to approach others and take rejection if it comes. A person who has a bunch of friends who are with that person because they believe they are good-looking or because they are rich, does not have friends. Friendship is an emotional attraction between people not a superficial one.

Also, as jasmin stated, "Beauty is totally subjective." Where does the line that separates beauty and ugliness truly begin and end? If there is one, I would say that it is not straight no sharp. Blurred between the real and the media perhaps. Anyone can look at someone and say they look good but, everyone has a flaw. If you examine someone long enough, you're likely to start picking out things because it's natural for us to do so.  

If someone has friends just because they look good or have money, I pity them, they won't have someone to turn to if they really need it. And then again maybe the friendship is genuine. I try not to be too quick to judge. But I'm only human.

This is dead on..'Sometimes it isn't someone's looks that give them friends. Some people are very confident in themselves and are willing to approach others and take rejection if it comes." simply redirection....sorta changes how you look at it doesnt it?

Money power looks do NOT bring happiness.  I have an uncle who is a millionaire..literally..a good looking guy..he is the most miserable person I know.  Robin Williams....loved by himself because of depression.  Its true..that rich..good looking people have more alcohol and drug problems..why?  Because they are unhappy.   Happiness and not come from outside sources...but from within!  Look INSIDE for happiness...If your interested PM me ...ill send you a link to a book im reading..about this very subject....its been VERY helpful.

If your unhappy with your looks...there are things you can do to a certain point to change them...but dont "hate" or dislike people just because of their looks...attractive or unattractive.  They are just playing the cards they were dealt.  I asked a female friend...the other day...what do you find most attractive in a guy..above all else?  Her answer..was honesty and self confidence...but she there was a fine line she said between cockiness and self self confident but humble..I guess was my take on it....
I will not suffer.......
"The only way to get through to keep moving."

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