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It's Nice to Know That There Are Other People Like You!
Hi everyone!

I'm a 20 yr old male, and Computer Science student. I stumbled on this site earlier today and I've been reading threads for hours, I love it here!

I'm very lonely (even though I have a very supportive family, and great friends) because I've never had a girlfriend, never had sex, and find it hard to speak to women. I always try to find a positive outlet when I'm feeling lonelier than usual, but sometimes the lack of affection really gets to me.

I thought I would join this forum so I could talk to others who feel the same way Smile.
Welcome to the forum Smile
Hi and welcome!
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the forum
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

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Welcome to the forum! Smile
The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.
Hi, welcome to the forum. Smile
Welcome to the forum! Smile
Hey there, welcome to the forum!
Hi Tux, As soon as I seen your name I knew you were a Linux addict! I'm taking Linux classes now and cant get enough. As for talking to the opposite sex I get the same way but only recently.. anyways hit me up some time and we can talk about geek stuff!

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