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I feel like I don't belong
Hey Wallflowergal,

I'm sure many of us can feel this way at times. I've never belonged or really fitted in anywhere so I guess it's something I've grown to shrug off-or I'm a little too thick(hah) skinned for it to penetrate.

Nonetheless that doesn't diminish the validity of how you are feeling, that's also not to say that because you feel a certain way that it is so.....I really enjoy reading your posts. I haven't had personal communications from you so can't say much on that score other than if folks stop replying it shows more on their part than on yours perhaps....not always easy to think that way maybe but please stick around & keep posting. I would miss your posts if you were to stop.

Hope you feel a bit brighter soon.
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(11-04-2014, 10:56 AM)WallflowerGirl83 Wrote: For some reason, there's times where I feel like I don't belong here or people don't like me. I've been messaging people back and forth and than out of the blue they stopped talking to me and I feel like it's something I did. Is there something wrong with me? Am I overally too nice? I try, and try and try and people always seem to not like me and than I feel like there's something I'm doing wrong. This is why I haven't been around lately, cause I feel like I'm hated around on here. Is it just me and inside my head or is this stuff really going down? And I'll admit I've pretty insecure with myself and I suffer with low self esteem but I'm trying to work on this. I can't even respond back to messages anymore cause I feel like I'm going to keep getting rejected by everyone. =(

WFG, I'm sorry I'm not always around, I've yet to have a good chat with you. Mostly cos of timezones I think? But please don't feel badly, I really appreciate you, you're nothing but a really nice and sweet person. I don't think there's anything you're doing wrong. Sometimes the interaction between 2 people are just not great, it's not you or that person, it's just the compatibility or the common interests that you both have etc. I highly doubt it's you, at least from what I know of you from our conversations. *hugs*
I'm sorry to see you feeling that way, Wallflower. I enjoy your company and I'd chat you more, but I've often been really drained with things and I've felt low energy for a while. I've been in kind of a funk, myself.

I'll try to pull myself out of it for a bit though and maybe we can catch up Smile

People on the internet have lives and are busy and just "appear" to give a shit about people. it is like finding a needle in a haystack to find someone on the internet who truely gives a fuck about you.
I can be your friend if you want im new here and kurt cobain was my hero...long live nirvana
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(11-04-2014, 10:56 AM)WallflowerGirl83 Wrote: For some reason, there's times where I feel like I don't belong here or people don't like me.

I'm a new guy here and we don't know each other but by seeing the replies in this thread this is not actually true. Smile
I just came here and I feel kinda the same way, my threads get few replies and such (except for the Friends thread but I guess that's a given because it is a common theme to talk about here). But that seems the case because I am apparently not known as you here. But hey, I still stick around... I have nowhere to go at least and this place seems nice at first glance. Buck up!
I believe we all feel like that once in a while, some more than others. I'm catching myself thinking that I'm more of a burden and an annoyance to people i talk to, and it costed me my partner. If I can give some advice, it's enjoy the time you spend talking to people instead of feeling your mind with worries and bad thoughts!

I know we've chatted once or twice, and you seemed like a fun-to-talk-to person, still waiting for a reply Smile
"You must be strong enough to go away from what you didn't deserve, and patient enough to wait for what you do"


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