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How do you deal with life?
Most of the time I don't
I'm a busy mum with kids and a family, and I run a business. That little lot helps keep my mind from wandering into self pity. Why I should feel sorry for myself when having such adorable children and a great man is beyond me. Outside family I have just one good friend.

I take a day at a time. No two days are the same except when I'm cooking for house guests in our bed&breakfast, life is what I make of it. Two years ago I had just overcome OCD. It had ruled my life to make it terrible. I don't like harking back to then because what matters is the now. It's easy to be anxious about tomorrow. But tomorrow hasn't happened yet.
I will let it go its own pace.
I live each and every single day waiting for the day to end.
It depends on how I am feeling when the shit hits. I have had a bit of muck thrown lately that can't be avoided. Someday's I felt like hiding under the duvet and pretending its not happening, someday's I am feeling stronger so I just jump in and tackle it. If I feel like crying I will, I am not ashamed, if I need to wallow I get the duvet and netflix (although I only allow myself to do this one day). I also count my blessings this helps, looking at the beauty of things we take for granted. I have learnt some tools over the years to look at situations more clear that are surprisingly simple but very effective. I try and practice being mindful and that helps me from overthinking. It took years to get to this place of feeling I have the ability to choose how I react and deal with things.
I do not need light at the end of the tunnel.  I will light it myself.
One day at a time. There will always be challenges and there's no way around them. And it's better to face them head-on cause sooner or later you'll regret it just do what needs to be done.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Music, coffee, and a bullet list that I defer to:

1.) Shake it off.
2.) Laugh it off.
3.) Drone it away.
4.) Kill it with firewater.
5.) Talk to someone. Anyone. Anywhere, about it.

Tends to get me through. I'm both restless and depressed and alternate between the two rather, I don't sleep much, or for very long.
I look forward to the evening time when I'm usually relaxed, look forward to sleeping and hope tomorrow will be an ok day.

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