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A Musical and a Party
In my last couple of posts, I had mentioned that I was in "A Christmas Carol: The Musical". I performed in the ensemble, playing several small roles including a poulterer, a banker, and an undertaker (I'm sure my dad would have been proud if he'd come to see the show because he works in the funeral business). The show opened on December 1st and ran until the 11th. Despite the small theater of about 300 seats, crowds of people flocked through its doors, eager to see this musical adaption of Charles Dickens' classic novel. There was tap dancing, a fog machine, a strobe light, and some fake snow that fell from the ceiling. The costumes were also quite well done, my favorites being the ghosts of Jacob Marley and Christmas Past. My aunt and cousin came to a Sunday performance, and my mom and sister came to the Wednesday performance. 

There were some notable quirks and mishaps that occurred, especially with the dancers. During one performance, one of the dancers did a back handspring in which his personal microphone pack slipped out of his pants and as he twirled around on one foot, the pack swung loosely, attached only by the microphone wire which was taped to his face. Fortunately, he managed to save the mic pac from detaching completely and flying into the audience. Another night, the choreographer was a bit drunk and did some occasional whooping and hollering from the audience, which made the performance awkward albeit slightly funny. During the last couple of shows, one of the male dancers filled in for one of the female dancers who had fallen and cracked her rib, which meant that he dressed up as a woman complete with a wig, corset, dress, and high-heeled shoes. He actually looked quite good. I'm not as much of a dancer as some of the more hardcore thespians, but doing so professionally looks like difficult work and I commend them for it. 

The show itself was a big success, and the audiences in this particular town seemed easy to please for the most part. However, I regret that I wasn't able to make any real friends from it as I'd anticipated, and so I am relieved that the show is over. Besides, there was a lot of driving to and from the theater, which took a lot of gas money out of my wallet. I also would have liked to have been cast for a bigger speaking and singing role as opposed to being in the ensemble, but since this was only my first show with this theater group, I guess I couldn't expect too much. I did, however, get some occasional compliments on my sideburns I'd been growing for the show. Also, one of the cast members told me they'd had a lot of poulterers in this musical before, but that he really liked the way I portrayed mine, and that certainly made my evening.

I did manage to make one friend from school this past semester. I had been trying to better myself about approaching people and starting conversations, and one such person was a female classmate who sat across from me. I walked up to her during break and began talking to her. We exchanged numbers and got acquainted through texting as she doesn't live in my town, but rather in one of the communities close by. Like me, she is a socially awkward person who is into things like art and music. It turned out that she is friends with the guy who played Bob Cratchit in the musical I was in, which she came to watch on Friday.

One day, she messaged me and told me about this Christmas party her brother-in-law was hosting at a church on the 18th. She really wanted to go to this party but couldn't find a dance partner, so I offered to be her partner. I picked her up at her dad's house and we drove down the freeway to the church where the party was. It was a small building with a large backyard where the event took place. It was a Disney-themed costume party, and there were a lot of people who wore some really good ones. A couple of guys dressed up as Captain America and the Winter Soldier, some kids had dressed up as Ray, Kylo Ren, and Jar Jar Binks from "Star Wars", another guy went as Wreck-It-Ralph, and then there were classic Disney characters like Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and Princess Elsa. My friend and I couldn't decide who we wanted to be, so we just wore formal attire. The night air was very cold, but there was a lot of ball room and line dancing to keep everybody pumped and warm. There was also a big potluck with loads of food such as lasagna, pizza, soups, salads, and sloppy joes among other things. My friend had brought some cookies she'd baked.    

This party was a nice way to have some evening fun and forget about everything for a little while. It was very important to my friend as she'd had a rough couple of years, so I was glad to have helped in making the experience a positive thing for her. Also, I guess she has a Christmas present that she plans to send me when it's done (I think it might be a scarf, because she told me she likes to make scarves for people). I might think of something to give her as well. 

With that being said, I hope everyone's holiday is going well and that you have a pleasant upcoming New Year.
After your last thread, this is extremely satisfying to read. Hope you keep life on track like that.
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"Being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy"
-Edgar A. Poe

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