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Do people become less interested in making friends with age?
I don't think people have less interest as they age.
They get more responsibilities as they age.  
e.g. Insurance payments, mortgage payments, family and aging parents, a demanding full-time job...
All my collegues have boyfriends and girlfriends,someone with children,no time for one like me.
I don't have skills for relationship,i know i never wed,i just want a friend for talk and maybe for travell!
Yeah, I think this is true. I notice the younger people where I work seem to make friends with each other instantly, whereas the older people are not really interested in socialising, I guess because they all have their own lives and families already. I think also it's because when you are young you are likely to have things in common with other people of your own age. Maybe another reason is that the older you get the more things you have in your past to be ashamed of and so you are less willing to just open up to a complete stranger. Or maybe I'm just talking about myself, lol.
I would definitely like a few RL friends. I'm neither young nor particularly old at 37.
(05-30-2017, 01:55 PM)Tealeaf Wrote: Am I the only one who notices this? Making friends in high school wasn't easy, but it seemed like everyone wanted them. Everyone wanted people to spend weekends with, to go out with, to talk to on the phone or see face to face over a good meal. No one had "too many friends" or "not enough time".

Now I'm almost 30 and I'm left scratching my head. I've tried the workplace, I've tried volunteer work, and I've tried online services. Work and volunteer settings have nice people but they're mostly 20+ years older than me and quite busy, both with work and with family. Online I only get contacted by single, heterosexual men wanting something else - oftentimes from other continents.

If so many people in the world deal with loneliness, as articles and studies keep suggesting, why do so few seek actual, physical friends? I live just outside of a big city. Where are all the lonely introverts who just want a nice cup of coffee and some chat?
It's something I live with. Something I feel people like me need to LEARN to accept... I find it easier to make enemies than make friends, which is why I have such solid fucking boundaries with people.  And sometimes even that isn't enough. What's wrong with me...a question I've asked since childhood.  

Friends are luxuries that other people enjoy. I'm 53 - and some of these social problems are no different than when I was 20.
From my perspective, I think social types may indeed remain socially inclined, but Life has a way of keeping your dance card full with all sorts of other responsibilities.  And relationships of all types require a certain amount of energy to maintain.
This quandary always reminds me of a quote from the late Great dead pan UK Comic Les Dawson. it goes "A friend in need is a pest get rid of em"

Of course its more difficult.....For one, you have to get permission from her in doors to allow you out, With some pocket money.

Older singles have realised long ago the future is futile so save their energy on thinking where to die. Or planning an exciting evening clipping their toe nails...Providing they can get their leg up and over their belly
When I was 18 making friends was easy. And I had many friends.
But the older I become the harder to make friends.
Now I am 28 and I hardly have a few friends. My old friends became too busy or have gone away from my town.
People around me are busy with work or with family and not interested in communication.
And I myself became too disappointed and too tired of betrayals, lies, hypocrisy and cruelty of people. I am too used to be alone.
During past ten years I have lost many parts of my inner self.

Age really matters.
(06-05-2017, 01:55 PM)Jafo Wrote: I'm 42 and I got rid of all my friends after they basically turned their back on me. I have no desire to make new friends due to the fact that people are just assholes and only care for themselves.


I just don't care much these days (I'm 43) plus I am moving to Kentucky in like 7-8 months (I hope) so anytime I think about meeting people I just say "Whats the point?" maybe once I get to Kentucky, but I doubt it...
(05-31-2017, 05:36 AM)Tealeaf Wrote: It's deeply depressing. I spent several years improving myself, improving my life, all while telling myself and being told that if I got better I could just make new friends. And now it's too late. I missed my chance and all I have to show for those years of hard work is that I feel okay while sitting alone at my PC night after night instead of self-loathing and mildly suicidal.

I work, I volunteer, I reach out, and it's still not enough.

* gasp * You know, I'm talking the route you took. I'm trying to improve myself and aliened myself from people. So basically I don't have friends and I don't have a problem with that.

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