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Strange Additional Headache Symptom
Hi All!

I suffer with headaches and I have a weird additional symptom that coincides with the headache. I itch exactly on the part of the head where it aches / hurts.

I don't get this every singlr time but sometimes. 

Anybody else had this?

Do you wear hats or suffer from allergies possibly? I've never experienced itchiness with my migraines but who knows? Have you seen a doctor about this?
I'm not a doctor in any way, shape or form so this is merely a guess. Could it just be psychosomatic?
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It is quite normal to get itchy or sore spots with a tension headache.
I am not a doctor either but I am a nurse and have come across this in my career. But if you are worried you should go and see your Dr.
No I don't wear hats of any kind.

This could indicate they're tension headaches I'm getting then ss I wasn't exactly sure. I thought they probably were as I don't have to go lye down in a dark room or anything as you typically do with migraine. I will mention it to my doctor next time I'm there.
It could be a number of things, depending on your age, general state of health, living conditions and etc. Even your diet has something to do with it. It could be something as little as some sort of placebo effect to something as not so cool as the beginning of severe psoriasis.
When in doubt, always ask your doctor. Specifically in this case, if he could refer you to a dermatologist, it would be ideal.
Before you scratch, do you have a redness, a button, something of the type? Do you feel you need to scratch almost to the point of it bleeding? Welts at all? Could also be as simple as dry scalp.

Think about the exact feelings, symptoms and description and see your doctor when you can. It's always the best course of action.
No none of the above. It only happens when I have a headache on the exact spot of the headache.

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