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Insecure site
Firefox is telling me that A Lonely Life is no longer a secure place to be online......what's up with that, please?
Burn the past.  Turn the page, start a new chapter.  Move on.

At this point it looks like the security certificate has just expired.
Yeah I had the same thing happen to me in chrome.
I haven't been able to get on at all, totally blocked, but at least it's accessible now even if insecure.

Any idea what's going on mods?
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Looks like it's working now. SSL certificates typically expire every 90 days and have to be renewed. It's not uncommon to have a brief period of expiry in between.
I'm being told that All is an insecure site again....since yesterday. I can override it but it'd be good to have the site back to normal again.
Burn the past.  Turn the page, start a new chapter.  Move on.

Me too.
"You are as you are until you are not"

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Looks like the SSL Certificate has already been renewed.

A very quick turnaround time.

Well done, Admin.

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