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The need to wear a coat / jacket / cardigan / hoodie outside, even in the summer...
I used to be really self-concious about my thin arms, used to get shit for it back in school too. But after working out for some years I feel much more comfortable. I'm still a pretty lean guy, but I actually like buying clothes now. I do love long sleeved shirts though.

Sometimes I feel awkward without a backpack when I'm out on the town, I don't know what that's about.
I could not wear extra clothes in summer. I can't tolerate heat. I'm really self conscious but I just can't do it.
I generally like outerwear, light or heavy.

First of all, I like and dig the look and functionality (nerd alert), but it is also more slimming if your body isn't totally perfect. I don't have a bad body, but it's not one I'd like to wear tight clothing or even go shirtless or anything. Way more of a jacket guy.

Shame I live in the desert and it's really uncomfortable to even wear two shirts in summer, despite your wants. :/
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