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The relationship which cost me my job
Hi Everyone,

it has been a while since I last came here and while I am glad to talk to some of you after over 
a year of absence, I kinda hoped that I wouldn't feel the need to.

well, it has been a bumpy ride, but the last events really broke me apart. 
After a 4 months relationship with a woman who kinda treated me like shit, I met one who I thought 
was really going to be the one, she is divorced and went through some heavy shit herself 
and it really felt good to finally connect with someone like that, talk every day for hours and really feel
that there is something there. 

well, so what was wrong? well after few months, it was obvious that it was a rebound, but the worse
thing was that she is the ex-wife of a guy who was the founder of the company I work for. 
Leave the fact that I don't really like working there and planned to leave regardless at some point, 
not having the ability to disconnect myself from that negative experience, of being a rebound, 
but not only that, I have some suspicions that she was with me, to piss off her ex, because my current CEO 
fucked him up and basically ruined his life and since he is married... well you get the point 

so I'm sitting in the office every day for the last 2 months with a huge desire to get the fuck out of there 
and last week, I finally gave up and started looking for a new job and hoping for a fresh start in my life.
True, some of you are going to say "Hey but you wanted to leave the company anyway".... well true,
but not now, I planned to leave in another 6-8 months, not now, but I can't stand it anymore,
everything reminds me how I let me myself down by allowing another to use me, in order to piss off an ex  

I know I'm an idiot and that I shouldn't have been with her in the first place, but fuck..., 
I just missed the feeling, I can't explain. 
I met a new girl few days ago, but I don't know anymore, really don't want to get hurt, 
well at least this time she is not related to any other part in my life. 

Don't be stupid as I, trust people but not too quickly
Sorry to hear that.

They say women cope with a breakup by racing into another relationship.

And that men cope by racing into alcohol and/or work.

Yes, these are obvious generalizations. No need for a chorus of people restating the obvious.

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