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Loneliness and going to bed late
I went to bed past 3 AM last night. 
I felt so lonely...
How can I not feel so lonely, and how can I not go to bed so late?
"How can I not feel so lonely" boy If any of us knew how we wont be on this site, loneliness is not the same for everyone, some people have family and friends but they feel lonely, other people have friends and a healthy life but not having a couple make them feel lonely, other ones have literally no one so their loneliness is more than obvious, in resume, you need to find what is that makes you feel lonely is that you have no couple, no friends, no family, or is just something in your head that makes you feel that way even when you have a good life

and about going to bed late, lonely people have insomnia mostly because we usually dont have any plans, most of "normal" people also stay awake until late but they do while having a social acitivitie like going out, visintg friends, a couple, chatting with friends, etc. so going to bed late is not "weird" is just that doing it by yourself will make you feel lonely, maybe going outside instead of staying in your bed will help
Yep! Me too! Stay up most nights until three or even later; then of course you get up late and half the day has gone. Yes! I do think this is a symptom of depression but I actually like the quiet time when all the mad rushing has ceased. It might sound crazy but I don't feel so bad late at night it's like everyone is alone then so I don't feel so bad. Dawn and very early morning can be peaceful too.
This has happened to me a lot lately. Maybe I'm just too obsessed with the idea of falling in love.... I just completely lose myself..
Well Andy. I'm getting on a bit now and yeah, wanted to be in love and loved - tried and got spat out a couple of times and now.... I aint loved, I'm on my own and not in best of health so...? I keep going, is what I do, keep trying to find interesting things to do, or learn; get up, go out, go to bed, sleep or do nothing, as I choose.
There is no meaning of life or purpose or reason why we should be rewarded but it;s the longing, the searching and the wanting that screws us up! Of course, this is a natural urge and pretty compelling but if you can rationalise so that you aren't constantly thinking of it, you can cope. By all means keep up hope but don't think there's a something wrong with you or that you  are especially cursed - it's all random; just don't give up. 
I used to think, "Why me? Why me? Where did I go wrong? Well actually, as far as the world is concerned - "why not me?" But I'll be damned if I'll roll over in misery and give in; "I won't shut up and i won't lie down; I'm gonna swim against the tide until I damn well drown!"
I think this can be a very difficult question to answer. I find myself staying up until 4 or 5 am most nights, and waking up around noon. I don't really enjoy this, as I have already wasted half my day and the days feel like they go by too fast.
I find that technology tends to keep my awake, so I try to stay away from it before I go to sleep. Sometimes I even find that drinking some kind of tea before bed can be helpful too. Having a nighttime routine that helps you to wind down can be really helpful. Maybe reading a book before bed or doing something calming before bed.
However, I do find that if I stay up until those early hours in the morning my thoughts can get worse before I go to bed. They tend to get more negative and hopeless. If I stay up until 3am, for example, I think I may as well stay up all night because I've already blown it. Just keep trying different techniques and maybe something will work for you.
I stay up late on my days off because I feel most at peace during the night, I guess. Ironically, it's when I feel the most lonely, but if I'm up too much during the day I get stricken with anxiety, feeling like I should be more productive and that there are things I should be doing, even though it's my day off and it's ok if I just enjoy it and don't do much of anything but relax. I try to go to bed before the sun starts coming up, but by that point I usually end up waiting anyways. But it's much harder to go to sleep once the ambient light in my room increases, even with the shades down.

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