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The workplace as a good place to make friends?
It depends upon the pay grade and professionalism of the job, really.
In a highly competitive atmosphere with higher paying jobs, I will avoid trying to make too close of friends because more often times than not there is an ulterior motive.
In a lower income job, like a part-time job you take up on the side just to make ends meet financially, I see no reason not to. I mean, it's not like anybody there is realistically planning on being there for more than a few years. So long as there's still a bar of standard, friendships in lower wage jobs are pretty safe. If you can get into the good side with your managers, it'll make good for references later.
God what a sad mindset. No wonder people are depressed if they can't even get to know the people they spend 8 + hours a day around. Not everyone is hyper competitive or paranoid about their interactions with coworkers.
I’ve made some good friends over the years whom I first met through work. It depends on the person, of course - you don’t always mesh with co-workers, but I’ve found it’s a good place to meet like-minded people with common interests.
(09-20-2018, 10:30 AM)Tealeaf Wrote: This is normally what I hear for the post-college crowd. What are your experiences? 

I work for a company that resells hardware and I only regularly see a couple people every day. When I started I felt a lot of pressure to find personal friends here, and it hasn't really panned out.

Noooo I made this mistake recently with terrible consequences. Especially if you work in a competitive field they will eventually fuck you over.
I started a new job working for a family-owned company that recently got bought out by a corporate industry. I have nothing in common with the people that work there whatsoever. I can have interesting deep conversations with a few of them, but that's about it. They don't seem to be interested in getting to know themselves like that though...I'm not too terribly surprised, most people aren't as it's usually a very painful experience at first. It's a field that's slightly out of my familiarity, but slightly in my familiarity. I don't shit about the product and what it does, but as far as how to do the job that I'm doing, I've got that pretty well down based on my position with previous companies in the industry. Same operation, different product. These guys don't seem that inter-competitive though...that couple be because they're all related. I try to keep my distance, just purely out of my own interest and really only interact with them in passing. They seem to think that's kind of curious though. I've lived in bigger cities in the past, seen my share of highly competitive jobs, these people are all related and have been working together for some time over several years. It's unlikely that I'll be able to garnish any further pay grade advancement lest the corporation that bought them out I suppose does something to elevate the structure but, I doubt that will happen. I'm into a lot of darker stuff, is the thing...things that aren't common in my area, things that I really don't even like talking about in public forms in too specific of detail anymore...That's why I don't really have many friends in the first place, and the ones that I do have I kind of keep at an arm's distance. Horror Vacui is the Latin expression for "fear of empty spaces" often seen as a small selection of types of art with highly intricate detail work. I'm kind of like that, only I'm afraid of shallow, empty thoughts and/or feelings. My mind is, ever-moving, even if in cyclic repetition, I try to keep myself pushing my comfort zones with it to keep myself stable and in the process of that, it leads to social awkwardness and people often times either over-complicating or over-simplifying their comprehension (or attempted comprehension) of the things that I say and/or do at times which can, more times often than not, lead people to being rather indirect and vague with me, as if they're trying to make me give them an answer to a question they have without being able to form the question directly.
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