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What song best describes your life right now?
Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don't.
Antihero Wrote:Bittersweet Symphony.

whoa...I didn't know someone knew who bittersweet is.
EveWasFramed Wrote:
Lonesome Crow Wrote:Actaully this one describes me better today....SOS
(message in a bottle)

Such great taste in music, Rocket! Big Grin

I have great taste in women too. If they taste good, I'll lick them all over.

I used to the be the Magic Man though...Toungue
My ex-wife used to play this song all the time.
I can't think of a song or song title mundane enough to describe my life.

Perhaps 'Heaven knows I'm miserable now' by The Smiths would be somewhere in the correct ballpark.
People Are Strange - The Doors
Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don't.
"I Wanna be Sedated"
- Ramones
Sister, I'm a poet - Morrissey
I Bow to None by Benediction

In my theatre of madness
Lone player on the stage
Woebegotten my audience
Momentary respite is taken from my rage
Map of the Problematique - Muse
Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don't.

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