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Early Weekend Newbie
Hi Everyone.
Where do you start on here ?
I lived the first 32 years of my life in North West London before moving to The Midlands 27 years ago.
My job as A National Sales Manager should mean that i have "The Gift of the Gab" and meet lots of people. Socially I have a Disabled Alcoholic Wife and act as a Provider and Helper.
Intimacy has been non existent and i have No Social Friends or Social life. Decided to stay together as we "Get on" and Financially we are better off.
So i am The Male version of Shirley Valentine.
Will this site give me my "Wall" to talk to ?
Enough about my Woes,That is if you are still reading. Big Grin Have a Great Weekend.
Greetings, Man-Kind59. You've earned the right to be congratulated for being a provider and helper. Well done on that!
And you've got some good years left to you, you deserve some contentment and pleasantry for yourself.
I hope this site gives you the "Wall" to talk to that you're looking for.
By the way, you and I are in approximately the same age bracket and my social life could use some improvement too.
Contentment comes from within.  Do not seek it from outside yourself.

You're a good husband. Welcome to the forum!
Hello and welcome. My PMs are open for new friends and conversations. I grew up with family of alcoholics so I have a pretty good idea of what you're going through.
Hi Everyone who has read (or not) and replied to my post.
Where is there a " Dividing Line" between being a Carer and Good Husband and Sex and Intimacy ?
Should I feel that being late 50s that i will never feel that again ? Not desperate (Yet) would love to get a reply from a Female perspective ?
I just want to say hello to you. Wish I had the gift of the gab, I tend to get my words stuck inside of me.
Welcome! So sorry bout ur wife.
I have lots of alcoholics in my fam sadly.

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