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People are Converting from Unbelievers to Believers
Miracles are being done for unbelievers, and they are converting to being believers.

How are these miracles done? Believing makes it happen.

Seeing is believing, and people are seeing amazing miracles...and believing.

Bradley Dean Sanderson
Seeing is believing yet you cannot provide evidence? Yeah, how's that working for you here?
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Hi Bradley. Just in case you weren't aware, "miracles" happen to lots of people that are not christian. I am glad you have a rock you can hold to and stand upon. I also have "beliefs". I normally don't talk about them unless it was brought up in conversation by someone else. I doubt you would be interested in me trying to "convert" you. You have your own beliefs, you don't need mine. I hope you are doing great and being true to yourself.
(04-29-2019, 09:14 PM)TheRealCallie Wrote: Seeing is believing yet you cannot provide evidence?  Yeah,  how's that working for you here?

They say it: "Seeing is believing..."

I can´t the air, but I breathe (not even knowingly).

I´m not an (un)believer, but I´m sure I´m not a Christian (since I haven´t met him or God) but I have read and have met bunches of ppl with spiritual success and physical healing that I cannot believe there are ppl converting from their (a)theism or (un)belief: I myself turned back to certain beliefs by reading, meeting NDErs, so, I can´t be any "evidence", except to myself and, today, I enjoyed reading the profile of "Carla", at, but I won´t say a bit more, because I wouldn´t break the rules of this site, if so I could be kicked of as any ppl banned.

I came here to learn and, if banned, I´ll walk up breathing what I know.
I'll be all I want to be!
Yes they are. And.... People are Converting from Believers to Unbelievers.  Club
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