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What talent do you envy the most?
Not good to envy I know. but......
Leadership talent is something I envy and admire. The ability to make unpopular decisions which have long term benefits. Vision and courage and of course intelligence are all needed for good leadership.
If you have natural talent as a leader your success in life is assured.
I discovered I wasn't a good leader. Anxiety makes me panic in pressure moments. That pressure is often imagined not real. This led to lack of self-confidence which led to low self-esteem which all led to my current occupation, a school janitor. My temperament is ideally suited to such an outsider's job. I can avoid office politics too.
and I bet you thought I was a confident person.....well kind of ….
What talent do I envy the most?

Pretty much anything that could get you a girlfriend.
(06-22-2019, 10:55 AM)AnonymousMe Wrote: What talent do I envy the most?

Pretty much anything that could get you a girlfriend.
Leadership talent should definitely help. Even though the feminists might say they prefer more "fluid" guys.
I wish i was more musically talented and could actually learn how to play an instrument (like a guitar or a violin. or a piano).
"The board is set... 
The pieces are moving."
tie between acting and singing!
(06-23-2019, 06:37 AM)ahsatan Wrote: tie between acting and singing!

yeah I know what you mean ahsatan.
I play guitar but I wish I could sing. maybe I could make a living from it

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