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A lonely guy takes pictures of his own feet
I used to like to be lonely, I guess... I even went outside alone. As the years went on, I stopped doing it, now I seldom go outside. I don't find a reason to go, or I'm too lazy to go... I can't find motivation, I guess.

I used to be happy with the thought (by myself) that a lonely guy takes pictures of his own feet. I had quite a few pics of my own feet, around town...

I guess I was happy for being lonely when I thought I had friends. As the years went by, I realized that I don't have any. (Except for one or the other who live really far away (both), other towns, distant towns... It's a big country...)

I'm lonely and I really don't have any friends...

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Hello. I'm Gustavo. (If you call me Gus, it's all right too.)

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