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I don't think I can keep going
I don’t think I will ever be functional or normal. I won’t be able to work, go back to school, make friends, have a social life, have a significant other, get married, have kids. Because that’s where I am currently at and have been for years. I am isolated and lonely. I barely leave my room. I have social anxiety, borderline personality disorder, OCD, Body dysmorphic disorder, major depression, severe low self esteem, severe low self worth, and deal with paranoia at times. I am trying to get on disability as I am bipolar as well. What’s the use, no point in trying. The isolation and loneliness kills me, I don’t have any friends and no one to talk to. I feel so alone in this condition, like no one can hear me or see me. 
I hear you.

It’s overrated this relationship malarkey.

I did what any respectable person would do who can’t form friendships/relationships, I got a cat.
Are you able to just go out and see a movie?
Why not just get yourself a second hand bike and go for a ride.It really releases those endorphins.I"m going now cause i'm feeling a bit low had a bit of a nasty experience which brought a lightening depression. I've done it a couple of times it really works  go on mate have a go or just do something different to improve your mood.
Thanks guys. I do so many things on a regular basis to help myself. I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I go for walks. I read. I draw. I write. I take pictures. I surf the web. I talk to people. Try to socialize. Some of these things provide temporary relief, but I always get back to square one. And most of these things don't really do much at all. I go to therapy twice a week. I take medications. I've been dealing with this for over ten years. I think this is it.

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