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Account deleted...

If i wanted to delete this account, where is the delete button?

Should I interrupt the Admins to fill in a form?

Thanks in advance!

"Some people may get very down and depressed because of their loneliness or other personal issues they may have. "

It downed on me!

They could be anything they chose be and undergo, but I don't want to leave my steps or threads.

If there a simple way out?
I'll be all I want to be!
Oh! Thanks Callie!

11-18-2018, 04:38 PM
You have to PM a mod.
There are a million posts about it and they all say you have to PM a mod.

Why you leaving? "

Sadly, as I've seen, posts weren't deleted to several ppl who wanted to "leave".

Of course, their interactions made several points 🎯
I'll be all I want to be!

As I have read, there's much more than frustration or a sort of determinism:

My Feedback & advice: Don't make it so difficult for people to edit/delete their posts, threads and account overall. This is one of few sites I have used where my information and messages have been made so easily accessible by the public."

Some might say, "I don't want to live..." "I don't want to visit this spot" and there's a reluctancy to admit:

"Is this a lonely life?"

At least ppl could be reached out!

Their soul are always conceiled as their faces. 😑

If they have such a control or grip on ppl's decisions, that could be a sort of a hell where ppl need to beg for a release and to get their wording delection.

You Name it the way you think, but it's not YOUR right or freedom.

That should be declared in the agreement before ppl got registered?
I'll be all I want to be!
If they claimed YOU are bound to be trusted... They should not keep (you) other way.

Well, Thanks you to all of you.

I'm leaving this clinic and it hurt me I could help any-thing. 😉
I'll be all I want to be!
If people were allowed to delete whatever they wanted and delete their accounts whenever they wanted, they would just delete and return a million times. If you are concerned about what you posted, you have a limited time to edit. If you don't want something posted that anyone can see, don't post it....anywhere. The diary is the only section that can't be seen without an account, but it's not exactly hard to make an account, so yeah, if you don't want it seen, don't post it. Think before you act and all that.

It's a public forum, thus, the public can see and use it. It's not really all that different than any other forum on the internet. I don't really understand why it's such a big deal.
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(11-08-2019, 11:29 PM)Diagnosed Wrote: You Name it the way you think, but it's not YOUR right or freedom.

That should be declared in the agreement before ppl got registered?

Editing/Deleting of Posts can be done by the original post within 24 hours, after such editing cannot be made.  Staff will not remove/delete or edit posts unless it contains very private information.  This is a public forum, whatever you post can be seen by anyone, anything you post is of your own free will. .....

Your undeserved attention was appreciated.

"(...)Therefore we take no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any messages posted (...)
Technically, there's the posibilita of delection of all post, as the clearly showed in the R. Agreement. 😉 

"(...) You agree that we have the ability and right to remove, edit, or lock any account or message at any time should it be seen fit. (...) "

As I now see, there's no real free will when those rules are fined to perpetual rights, as it happenes in FakeBook 😉
I'll be all I want to be!
You have free will, you have free will to post what you just did, you have free will to post it in a ridiculously oversized bold font. You have free will to post on this forum if you want. No one is taking or ever said anything about taking away your free will. There are just some things that can't be said/posted on the forum, of course you have the free will to do so but will suffer the consequences if done. So as you can see you clearly have your free will. Smile
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So, are you entitled to limit, dimish, label (edit/modify), ban,  etc.

That's restricted free will!

It I had you in front of me, I wouldn't not permit you talked that way.
I'll be all I want to be!
A warning to all members If this WORLD:

Copy pasted:

"Be respectful, and remember that you only get out of anything as much as you put in."

I'll be all I want to be!

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