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How is it possible to be lonely in the Age of Zoom?
I am very lonely.  I do not know myself.

The fact that I have not learned videoconferencing software earlier is 100% my fault.

Because you need to have friends anyway, even when zooming. Imagine people having to see my face in HD for 2 hours.
I'm actually David Blane.
(06-17-2020, 10:16 AM)Xpendable Wrote: Because you need to have friends anyway, even when zooming. Imagine people having to see my face in HD for 2 hours.

I would never show my face on Zoom.

The fact that I was slow to learn computer communication systems is my fault 100%.

Currently i'm at home during a pandemic, alone, at 3.53am in the morning because i lost my job day one of lockdown, and have been waiting for my internet provider switch for 3 weeks.

However, when it does cone back on, i will be chatting to friends who i feel i have become disconnected with. Beyond them, I have other friends. All married with children and holding down jobs.

Some people just have shitty internet.

Even when we come to the end of our conferences, we express how much we all miss one another.

Zoom is great for keeping in touch with people, but it, i believe, no substitute for a Saturday night shindig frought with copious amounts of shenanagans and debauchery.
"At some point, we've all won that race - us vs at least 40,000,000 others... Seems a bit silly to give up now."
Ahhh Zoom. That's not even on my radar.
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